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Let us Finish Your Quilt!


Once you’ve finished a beautiful quilt top, what next?  Let us take care of that for you.  Send us your quilt and we’ll give it the finishing touch it deserves.  You can even include the binding and we will return it to you ready to enjoy.  It’s just that simple!


Over 12 years of longarm experience!


Sandy Taylor, the owner of Sandy’s Sewing Center started piecing quilts about 1979 and longarm quilting in 2012.  She has quilted thousands of quilts for customers over the years.  Many of our customer’s quilts have won awards in quilt shows with Sandy’s quilting.  She ensures the same high standards are met with every quilt.


We accept quilts by drop off or mailed to us


-         Print the quilting service form from the link above.  Complete the form (please print clearly) and be sure to list any special instructions about your order.  You can view our quilting design options at the link above.  We frequently add new designs.

-         Package your quilt and completed form for shipping.  DON’T FORGET THE FORM!

-         Shipping USPS Flat Rate box is usually the most economical method and includes package tracking.  We are not responsible for damages or loss by the postal service.

-         We will notify you by email when we receive your quilt.

-         If you have any questions, contact us by phone at 509-901-7792 or email us at


Please send your quilts to:

Sandy’s Sewing Center

400 Dominion View Road

Colville, WA 99114




-         We will notify you by email and text message (if available) that your quilt is ready to ship.

-         You will receive, by email, package tracking details once your quilt ships.



-         Press and square the quilt top – for best results the quilt borders should measure the same size as the center of the quilt.  Check both length and width for uniformity.  Flared or pinched borders may create puckers or tucks in the finished quilt.

-         Clip all thread tails on quilt front and check for any holes or unsewn seams.

-         Backing should be 4”-6” larger than the quilt top.

-         Batting should be the same size as the quilt back.

-         Fold quilt top, backing and batting individually.  Please don’t layer or baste together.

-         If we are binding your quilt, please provide the fabric.  Don’t pre-make the binding.

-         Choose two general thread colors, and we will pick the best match in that range.

-         Please select two preferred quilting designs.  We will always try to use your first choice, but sometimes it may not be optimized for your quilt, so we’ll go with your second choice.

-         If we find any unsewn seams or similar problems, we’ll make the necessary repairs up to 5 minutes for $5 without contacting you.  If any repairs are requiring more time, we will contact you before proceeding.



-         Edge to Edge Quilting - $45 minimum

-         Level 1 – Basic Designs - .019 per sq inch

-         Level 2 – Standard Designs - .023 per sq inch



-         Trim & Bind Complete, Machine stitched front & backs - .16 per inch

-         Trim & Bind one side, sewn to the front of the quilt only - .12 per inch

-         Trim quilt, trim edges even with quilt tops - .045 per inch

-         Other services, pressing, piecing, repairs, etc. - $40 per hour



-         Our batting by the yard, the cost is included at pickup

-         Pre-purchase our packaged batting


Warm & Natural cotton 90” roll at $10.99  per yard

Warm Company Soft & Bright (polyester) 90”  roll at $9.99 per yard


Thread at .03 per sq inch includes both top and bottom